Bb. Seaweed Air Dry Cream 150ml

Bb. Seaweed Air Dry Cream 150ml

Bumble and bumble.

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Seaweed styling (your hair will thank you later). This versatile leave in hair moisturiser, infused with a trio of nutrient-rich Royal Sugar Kelp, Pacific Sea Kelp, and Green Microalgae, is your simple step for effortless, air-dried styles. Part leave-in conditioner, part styling cream –– it delivers nourishing all-day hydration, reduces frizz + flyaways, and adds soft hold to perfect air-drying (day or night). Plus, it helps promote an optimal scalp environment. Effortless looks? From sea to city to salon, our Seaweed provides. Responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.


Infused with Royal Sugar Kelp, Pacific Sea Kelp, and Green Microalgae.
Contains proprietary postbiotic lactobacillus ferment.
Promotes an optimal scalp environment with balanced moisture.
Made from 94% naturally derived ingredients. *
Free of animal derived ingredients.
Responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.


This seaweed hair care cream is ideal for all hair types seeking nourishing-yet-lightweight moisture and care for hair and scalp.


Step 4 is the styling step in our nourishing Seaweed Routine for conditioning + effortless, air-dried looks. Massage into the scalp and throughout damp hair, combing through to the ends. Style as desired.

Apply this hair moisturiser throughout dry hair and braid before bed. When you wake, release your braids for nourished, effortless waves by morning.For scalp nourishment and a smooth finish, apply a small amount of this light styling cream to scalp and throughout damp hair before styling. For curly hair, apply using a “plopping” technique. Smooth onto scalp and damp hair, and then gather your hair up into a microfiber towel. This helps keep curl patterns intact while you air-dry. If you plan to diffuse, reapply before. Styling with heat? Seaweed Air Dry Cream protects against heat tools up to 232°C. Apply Seaweed Air Dry Cream before your favourite Bb.Styling Product to prep hair with nourishing hydration.

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